Music composer
Susanne Aubert

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Susanne Aubert is a Norwegian music composer for films and video games.
Heavily influenced by her grandparents love for tango and jazz, she started
her musical journey regularly performing in the car alongside her brother
while her grandfather would whistle. This went on for a while and
throughout her childhood she would pick up different instruments like
guitar, french horn and piano without really mastering any of them.

She moved to London and started her BMus in Popular Music Performance
at ICMP. Susanne worked as a professional Jazz vocalist before shifting her
focus onto composition. At the music college Susanne had the brilliant
composer Maurizio Malagnini (BBC Call the Midwifes) as a teacher and he
really opened up her eyes to the world of composing for film and video
games - from there she was hooked. Intensive studies got Susanne into
and through Berklee College of Music where she got her M.M. in Scoring for
Film, Television and Video Games.

In 2017 Aubert collaborated with animator Rosa Beiroa on some of her
student projects which, to both of their amazement, went on to screen
and win awards from prestigious festivals all over the world such as Le
Petit Cannes, Kuandu International Animation Festival, Dinard, Elche,
La Truca, Montreal Feminist Film Festival and many others.

Susanne currently lives in Lisbon where she works as a freelance composer
and designer on projects that she is truly passionate about.