Reaper Co Video Game

C O M P O S E R 

In Reaper Co – A Hollowood Adventure, you play one of Death’s minions on a mission: navigate a blockbuster movie set, locate a ridiculously-named star and snuff him out. A bit of a showbiz commentary, perhaps? The game was created by University of Technology students Adam Bursill, Philip Johan Aubert, Sebastian Du Toit and Matthew Andrews.

Think a mix of platform jumping, puzzle-solving and bantering with non-playable characters. A rewind feature saves the day if you bite the bullet on a dodgy jump. Before a boss fight, you have to mow down a wave of enemies with a Gatling gun—while dressed as a princess.


The Quirky Reaper

Reaper Boss



  • WINNER Best Game (Game Design Studio 1)
  • WINNER People’s Choice Award at the 2018 UTS Student Games Showcase.

Reaper Video Game

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