Short film ‘Moneytree’ out now

In collaboration with her childhood friend, actress and director Sarah Stephanie Skjoldevik and cinematographer Peter T. Breen the short movie ‘Moneytree’ is now festival ready with a tailor made score made by yours truly.  Be sure to keep an eye out for this one!

A charming classic moral story with a humorous twist at the end, not only is this Skjoldevik’s first short movie as a director, but she stars in it as well along with the promising aspiring child actor Jonah Paull. Stay tuned for more news.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 11.20.18 PM

‘Play it Forward’ animation now at the Wellcome Collection in London!

If you stop by the Wellcome Collection Library in London you’ll now be able to see the full version of ‘Play it Forward’ – an animation by the talented young animator Rosa Beiroa featuring Susanne’s music. The animation is about the development of women’s fashion within sports as the years progress. Check it out below.

Rosa Beiroa – Playing Forward from MA ANIMATION LCC on Vimeo.